Formaplex are a leading UK-based manufacturer specialising in composite carbon fibre components for a wide variety of sectors including; aerospace, defence, motorsports and space. Following a successful growth stage, Formaplex realised they needed a new brand proposition to better highlight the breadth of sectors they work across and, to support their ambitions to secure new investments. 

Client: Formaplex
Sector: Manufactoring
Year: 2019
Agency: Design by Structure
Photography: Simon Ellis
Role: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Design Direction
Awards: Transform Awards 2021


After extensive customer and stakeholder interviews it became clear that Formaplex had both the expertise and the capability to deliver on their clients ambitions. This formed the basis of the new proposition: ‘If you’re pushing at the edge of what’s possible on land, sea and air, we can make it possible’. The idea is simple and speaks to Formaplex’s true value to their customers: We [Formaplex] believe in your vision and we’ll partner with you to deliver your ambitions. 

The new proposition was brought to life with photographs of rolling clouds, flat horizons and still seas, alluding to the idea that Formaplex make the ‘impossible possible’. Confidentiality agreements between Formaplex and their customers also meant that no direct references to specific products were allowed. To tackle this, a series of photoshoots were commissioned capturing details of components, engineers and the machinery present across Formaplex’s seven factory sites. A light, elegant and machined serif, Reckless Light, was chosen as the lead brand typeface, distancing Formaplex from the world of bold sans serifs used by their competition. 

Since the rebrand and proposition shift, Formaplex has continued to grown and expand into additional sectors, widening their offer and expertise.


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