LendInvest are one of the UK’s largest non-bank mortgage lenders tailored specifically to landlords, property developers and intermediaries. Whilst their core visual identity (logo, colour palette and typography) was strong, their strategic positioning and audience focus was unclear. Gathering insights from workshops, customer and stakeholder interviews, a new proposition, ‘property finance made simple’, was developed to better connect with their audiences and articulate their true difference within the market. 

Client: LendInvest
Sector: Fintech
Year: 2020
Agency: Design by Structure
Animation: Chris Angelkov
Role: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Design Direction
Awards: Transform Awards 2021


An enhanced visual identity was built from the core assets to highlight the proposition shift. The logo, originally based on an isometric projection of the letters ‘L’ and ‘I’, was adapted into a three-dimensional render referencing the physicality of property. Large crops of the renders are used to dramatic effect and act as the core visual expression of the brand. The sweeping angles, born from the logo and subsequent renders, are used to unify photography, creating a unique and recognisable style. 

The proposition has helped to create better internal alignment with LendInvest’s core mission and attract more talent to one of the UK’s faster growing FinTech solutions. A dramatic reduction to the bounce rates and increased session times on their website are early signs that the new positioning is resonating with LendInvest’s audiences. 


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