PX3 Partners are a private equity firm with a strong commitment to sound ESG practices, only investing in businesses that leave a positive impact on the world. Its goal is to work with industry visionaries, who have a strong purpose and passion, helping them to perform their best. PX3 was founded on the belief that things can be done differently.

Client: PX3 Partners
Sector: Private Equity
Year: 2022
Agency: Design by Structure
Role: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Design Direction


The brand identity is minimal, focussed and clean, putting the emphasis on striking aerial photographs and strong copy that references PX3's different point of view. Each image draws from a different investment specialism, such as agriculture or marine, and finds a subject that is unusual and breathtaking further reinforcing their different point of view and the visionaries within those spaces.

Everything is filtered through a premium, sophisticated lens with an elegant widely spaced sans serif typeface. The colour palette is neutral, drawing inspiration from the earthy tones found within the photography paired with clean and minimal layouts. This combines to create a visual identity that is confident, reflecting the founders decades of experience within the sector as well as their clarity of purpose.


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